Directed by Julianne Donelle

"In Coeurage Theatre Company’s typically arresting and gorgeously designed production energized by inspired and sweepingly fluid staging of director Julianne Donelle..."


"The production is simply lovely. Donelle’s direction is precise and wonderfully imaginative and the designers weigh heavily in the success of the piece."

- Travis Michael Holder, Ticketholder LA​

"Julianne Donelle brings all the notes of this concerto together to achieve a harmony of all its varied elements that is fine-tuned to a transcendent tempo."

-Ernest Kearney, The TVolution

Directed by Julianne Donelle

"This is all neatly framed and accented by a circuslike atmosphere, which director Julianne Donelle keeps at a modulated pitch throughout, with outstanding management of her large cast. " - LA Weekly

"It’s a testament to the talents of all involved in this production that the experience was so positive" - Stage and Cinema

"Director Julianne Donelle is quite creative with her staging and overall does a very effective job of keeping the show moving" - Broadway World

Directed by Julianne Donelle and Tito Ladd

"That includes a director who understands the style and stages the show with creativity and a whole lot of balls, a cast that is willing to play the absurd comedy straight, well-executed choreography that parodies everything from the dream ballet in Oklahoma to the street moves of West Side Story, and a musical director who elevates Parker's songs with his fun, flashy arrangements."

-Broadway World

"It is rare when a theater company lives up to its mission statement. Normally, the vision is so hifalutin as to be obscure. Luckily, Los Angeles has Coeurage Theatre Company, whose simple declaration blossomed into some of the best theater I have seen here." 

-Tony Frankel, Stage and Cinema