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1st Grade Teacher is Sole Survivor of Deadly Cafe Bombing

Ms. Emily Burkhardt survived a devastating suicide bombing which took the lives of seventeen people in downtown Los Angeles coffee shop. After a recently televised interview, many still have questions though investigators have cleared her on all accounts. 

March 8, 2019  Updated 7:05 pm ET

By William Burns 

Ms. Emily Burkhardt was pushed out of a downtown Los Angeles cafe the morning of a deadly terrorist attack.  Investigations show that she had no former relationship with anyone from the terrorists life, so many people are naturally still asking, why her?  

American born violent acts are devastating in any circumstance.  But the police force are still reeling after a security camera shows Burkhardt being taken and pushed outside by the very man, Mr. Michael Day, moments before he detonated a grenade shattering the lives of so many.  According to investigators, Ms. Burkhardt was compliant with authorities and seemed shaken without any concrete answers or reasons to why she was saved by the terrorist himself.   


Why push out one teacher who had no relation to any one in the attack.  Some have reached out in criticism of Ms. Burkhardt, 33, and her lack of attempt to save any of the other victims.  "She just ran down the sidewalk, right before the explosion, and it makes me wonder if she wasn't in on the crime itself" says a bystander who witnessed the explosion down the street on the popular LA garment district street.